So What Happens
to our Foods
Do LEDs really add up?    
All too often there are refrigeration alterations that take place to
justify the electrical savings when converting a case from
Florescence to LED.
Such as changing manufacture fan motors with in the cooler,
including alteration of the manufacture defrost systems. (such as
Due to the increase food damage from the conversion to the LEDs
some food suppliers have discontinued product guarantee
programs, When the food is exposed to these harsh conditions it  
becomes too costly to absorb the shrinkage losses. What is
normally not talked about that the lipid oxidation increases from the
LEDs in many instances. So getting informed is important to the
bottom line and quality of foods.
Less Waste is a Cleaner Greener Alternative
“At first they look
cool, but the results
of the glare was not
what I
for.” It
even be irritating to
the eye”
Where Are profits
going? Our spoilage
is out of control !
Major retailers turn off
display lighting during off
business hours becoming
more aware of the brutal
effects of the display
Heat exposure from the interior lighting source of the refrigerated displays, concluding to reduce cooling and
electrical load costs, Sound familiar? What was very little known to retailers was the refrigerator food light
wavelengths were changed. Therefore retailers took the significant decrease in profit margins due to shrinkage
(losses.) The awareness began to grow and major retailers began to turn the lighting systems off in off business
hours. This recommended by some equipment manufactures thus not to save electricity, the purpose was to
slow the aggressive decomposition caused from the light system.
Ask your lighting advisor to take in all considerations when suggesting LEDs for refrigerated food displays. Will
your refrigerated products suffer shorter shelf life, quality damage, faster product decomposition, breakdown,
vitamin loss, increase shrinkage, off taste, increase in loss liability, including waste of our food resources.
More importantly, are you aware of technologies to help correct these problems. As we hope this site to be
helpful in providing some of the facts and practical common sense.
This site is dedicated to consumer safety and the food industry.  Kruise Foods Foundation LLC. Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved.
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US Patent Awards are
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a choice to slowed
decomposition of food
in refrigerated display