So What Happens
to our Foods
Many have recognized the light damaging issues and the
response is overwhelming we appreciate your feedback as
some of the responses below may be surprising.
: We have attempted all
types and various sandwich
designs high-tech
packaging atmospheric
packaging but "My ham still
starts looking like turkey"
off colored.
: The information provided has been so helpful in my sandwich distribution company it has made the
difference between success and failure, it has made us more aware of food light damage to our sandwich
product line.
: My sandwich route would ave suffered losses of 2 to 3 sandwiches more per location a week in
shrinkage, and I am much more confident in the quality of my products thanks to Kruise filters.
: I work at a convenient store for years. I always wondered why sandwiches deli meat discolored, I never
knew why this happens. I certainly noticed it got even worse when the owner installed new Led lights I
thought about it?  The owner surely was misinformed because it got much worse.  
: Legendary perishable retailer recognizes  
the changes over a 30 year span. From
incandescence and the transition to
florescence lighting, took a deep bite into my
gross profit ranging from 2 to 5% in
shrinkage, losses in fresh meat department
alone. "The change was detrimental to my
food spoiling and re wraps."  The five tier
meat display seemed like a good idea, but
the bright lights had grown my battle with
losses damaged shrinkage. Wow "If I only
knew." The trend of change seems to
continue advancing to LED lighting. A LED
display that may look better at first can
increased food spoilage raising health risk
concerns, and eats away profits.
: Thanks, Our success depends on scientific facts, The honestly provided in this site goes a long way with
our customers, assisting In and addressing the problem with real solutions.
: Driving at night LED headlights are very
piercing to my eyes as I'm driving down the
road at night. Thanks for the heads up!  When
I see them piercing on the food I buy, it makes
me wiser shopper.
: Heineken is particularly susceptible to this flaw, in
my experience. There are so many skunk Heinekens
around. Fluorescent lights are worse than
incandescent in inducing skunkiness
: “I cringe every time I see those green bottles in the
coolers being bombarded 24x7 by the light tubes.”
*That's* why I pull the 6-pack from the back”
: I shop at my local grocery store and I purchase my meat from there for
years. I suddenly noticed a change of the lighting systems in the store, I
know them as LED lights. On more than one occasion I purchased rancid
meat after these lights were put on their fresh meat counter, I return the
product for a refund. The meat in the counter with the LED lighting is quite
glaring. but according to the studies on your sites the LEDs can create a
faster lipid oxidation making the food rotten, and as a result I will not be
purchasing my meat from that particular store! Thanks for the information.
Grocery and Food Retailers
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US Patent Awards are
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in refrigerated display